Our Favorite DIY Edible Glitter Ideas for Wedding Cupcakes


Edible Glitter Ideas for DIY Wedding Cupcake Decorating

Edible glitter has to be one of my favorite things! I mean, who doesn’t LOVE glitter? Especially glitter you can eat?! Edible glitter has become increasingly popular in cake decorating, as well as wedding cupcake decorating ideas too. There seem to be more and more edible glitter products for sale each year, from new sparkling colors to fun shapes like the gold and silver star edible glitter seen below.

I’ve searched the internet far and wide for the best edible glitter wedding cupcake ideas, so check out my favorite pictures below. I’ve included cake pops and macaroons decorated with edible glitter too – they were too pretty, I couldn’t resist! :)

edible glitter gold stars
Edible glitter in the shape of gold stars
edible glitter silver stars
purple wedding cupcake edible glitter Purple wedding cupcakes decorated with edible glitter
edible glitter wedding cupcake silver
Pink cupcakes decorated with silver star edible glitter. So pretty!
bright pink wedding cupcake with silver edible glitter
Bright pink wedding cupcakes decorated with fine silver edible glitter. Glam!
red glitter hearts wedding cupcakes
I love these elegant wedding cupcakes decorated with red fondant hearts coated with edible red glitter. Wow! These would look amazing at an evening wedding reception.
gold edible glitter stars wedding cupcakes
Cupcake decorated with gold edible glitter stars.
gold edible glitter cupcake wedding
WOW these gold wedding cupcakes are so….GOLD! They must have used hundreds of jars of edible gold glitter to coat these cupcakes. So beautiful though!
wedding cupcakes with edible glitter shimmer frosting
These wedding cupcakes are just dusted with fine pearl shimmer edible glitter. A subtle look but still very sparkly.
pink wedding cake pops gold glitter
I love pink and gold together – these cake pops are dusted with gold edible glitter. You could translate this idea into wedding cupcakes by covering the cupcake with pink fondant and sprinkling gold glitter on top, and add a fondant flower. Romantic!
gold edible glitter cake pops cupcakes
Coated completely in gold edible glitter, these cake pops look like solid gold!
edible glitter macarons for wedding
Mix edible gold glitter with a bit of vodka to create a gold edible paint. Instead of painting macaroons, you could paint fondant covered wedding cupcakes. I love the gold polka dots – fun!
So much gold edible glitter – love how the cupcakes just have the glitter around the edges.
wedding cupcakes glitter
These wedding cupcakes don’t have edible glitter, so if you want to have the glittery look without having to eat it, you could make glittery wedding cupcake wrappers and heart cupcake toppers like these. Still very sparkly :)
wedding cupcakes glitter
Chunky silver edible glitter decorated wedding cupcakes with matching silver foil cupcake liners.


gold glitter cupcake cone wedding
Another non-edible glitter option for wedding cupcakes would be to use glittery silver cupcake wrappers like these. They almost look like mercury glass. Shiny!

Have you ever decorated cupcakes with edible glitter? What kinds of edible glitter have you used or want to try?

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